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How Joberfer Systemizes Word of Mouth in Recruitment?

Hopefully you enjoyed that video, I have not done this much acting since junior high. Regardless of my future potential in Hollywood, the video packages we have created at Joberfer reveal a serious pain point in the medical recruitment process in Alberta. Morale amongst doctors is at an all time low, with more than half already considering exiting the healthcare system (See my previous post on this blog as I “mapped the universe). Clinics in Alberta have been posting more and more physician jobs and are receiving less and less responses - the recruitment process in Alberta for physicians is broken.     

How does help to solve this common problem in recruitment? I would like to explore the idea of Joberfer being a “wingman” in the job search and recruitment process. We used it in this video to describe how referral system works to help bring more qualified physicians to our job postings. I feel it is necessary to expand on this analogy as a light-hearted way of looking at the recruitment process. 

Now, I would definitely not consider myself an expert in dating or matchmaking (I am only 23 after all). Regardless, I have had enough personal experience and have been an outside observer enough to provide some commentary on dating. It is safe to say that finding a significant other is tough. There are lots of people out there, lots of advice and more than enough methods of securing a first date (everything from a cheesy pickup line, bringing a dog to the park, to relying on an online algorithm to match you to a stranger). With millions of suitors, there seems to be twice as many dating apps. There seems to be a dating app for everything! We all know eHarmony and Tinder, but there are also sites like:

  • Farmers only: It is designed for farmers, only

  • Tall Friends: A dating app for very tall people

  • Equestrian Singles: For horse people 

  • And many more 

Ultimately, if you are looking to find love, it is an overwhelming experience: If there are so many options, how do you know if you are finding your soulmate?

So what does any of this have to do with finding doctor’s jobs? Great question! A lot of the aspects of online dating I described are similar to the challenges doctors are facing when looking for their next job: There are hundreds of positions open to physicians for all specialties. All of them are very similar and look equally as attractive. If you are a doctor, this is an overwhelming ordeal. The same fears are seen with clinics: How do you make your awesome job stand out to the few available doctors as their “dream job?” With this demand for qualified candidates, there are of course dozens of different job sites available for clinics to post on. These range from traditional job boards, social media platforms like LinkedIn, to specialized job boards designed for medical professionals. Just like how many singles are worried about not finding their “forever after,” many doctors and clinics are scared they won't find that great match in the current environment. For many, it does not even seem like it's worth trying at all. Just like how many have been turned off of the dating process, so many doctors and clinics have given up on navigating the current labor market. 

So what if Job Sites had matchmakers? Think about it: Having a friend set you up on a date takes away all the searching that is usually required (plus skips all the weird profiles). All you have to do is tell your friend you are ready to start dating and who you are looking for. Your friend knows you well and what you need, so when they see someone you might like, they don't hesitate to take the initiative and help you out. Better yet, they usually know someone who they believe will be a great match for you. This takes away the discomfort of having to meet with a complete stranger: Someone your friend already knows and recommends is naturally more personal and fells more trustworthy. Now, wouldn’t it be nice for that friend to be paid for setting you up?!

This is what we do at Joberfer for physicians and clinics: We provide a platform for physicians to use their networks to refer them to great positions or themselves refer their friends and colleagues to great openings. We have found that almost 9 out of 10 clinics we work with rely on personal referrals to fill positions. We want to systemize this word of mouth by providing an easy to use platform and allowing clinics to provide referral fees and competitive bonuses for every qualified applicant referred to them.  

Does this guarantee that the candidate will be hired? Unfortunately not. That first date you were set up on does not always turn into a long term relationship: Sometimes even a great match does not work out and both parties go their separate ways. This is the same for our platform: We will help networks set physicians up with an interview with a great clinic. However, it is ultimately up to both parties to create a great connection and have their values align to secure a successful hire. In short, clinics pay us to get that “first date” as recommended by a doctor's network. 

Looking for a position yourself? Great! Physicians who see a job they like can take the initiative to apply directly on without needing a referral. You are still entitled to exclusive benefits such as:

  •  Attractive sign-on bonuses 

  •  Competitive profit share splits

  • Direct connection to top clinic owners in Alberta

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and read this article. If you are a physician or clinic eager to use professional networks to find a great match, go to our website to get started right away! 

Here at Joberfer, we’re here to help you find your perfect match. Whatever your wish list is, we got you covered!

Checkout for more information.

Written by,

Scott Moore

Marketing Intern at Joberfer

Propel Business Project

Masters of Management Candidate

Haskayne School of Business

University of Calgary

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